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Top 5 Washington Speed Traps

Do you ever see police officers lurking in the shadows using a radar gun to clock oncoming traffic? Washington state is known for its abundance of speed traps. A speed trap is a short strip of highway or road in which police officers are on the lookout for speeding drivers. These traps are usually set up at the bottom of hills, around curving roads, and at or near school zones. They are also set up in locations where traffic accidents are a common occurrence, or areas where the speed limit drops without warning. Police officers also like to gauge the speed of traffic around construction zones. Any location where motorists are more likely to speed is fair game. Police typically look for areas that have a high volume of traffic in order to catch the most people.

Washington’s absolute speed law makes it all too easy for officers to hand out speeding tickets. If a driver goes just one mile per hour over the posted speed limit, he is guilty of speeding. Below, we list the top 5 speed traps to look out for in the state of Washington.

Winthrop, WA

Winthrop, Washington is a tiny town near the Canadian border in the center of the state, east of the Cascade Mountain Range. If you are driving along Highway 20 on the south end, you may encounter an unexpected speed trap before you cross the bridge over the Methow River. The officer sits with a radar gun facing traffic directly, but you cannot see him until you pass him on the winding road.

Bonney Lake, WA

If you are traveling southeast toward Bonney Lake from Sumner, you may find a speed trap along Highway 410. Drivers have reported the speed trap to be by the Honda dealership. People going eastbound are targeted.

Lake Forest Park, WA

A speed trap may be encountered on 178th street between 35th Avenue and 36th Avenue. It lies toward the bottom of a steep hill where there is a school zone near Brookside Elementary School. When the school zone is in session, drivers must travel 20 MPH. When it is not, the regular speed limit is 25 MPH. A police officer can cite you for traveling 26 MPH.

Lynnwood, WA

If you are traveling along 164th Street be prepared to find a speed trap along a busy S-curve where the street transitions into 44th Avenue W. Motorcycle officers are frequently clocking traffic. They can’t be seen until it’s too late unless you know just where they are at the bottom of the hill.

Seattle, WA

A speed trap may be visible if you are traveling south toward Seattle from Highway 99/ Aurora Avenue. The speed trap approaches before the Woodland Park Zoo on the right hand side.

Police primarily set up speed traps to catch drivers who are speeding to excess in busy zones. Speeding causes severe accidents that can lead to devastating injuries. If you have been involved in a speeding car accident in Washington, look to Murphy’s Law Offices for representation. Call (253) 312-6122 for a free legal consultation.

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