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Bonney Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer

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When you are facing a criminal charge in Bonney Lake, you may be unsure about your legal options. A criminal charge can impact the most important areas of your life, which is why you need to do all you can to protect your future. Knowing what strategy is best to defend yourself depends on the circumstances surrounding your charge. While it is possible to represent yourself in court, improper handling of your case can lead to severe consequences such as extended jail time or high fines. It is important to work with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Bonney Lake who will fight for the best possible outcome.

Common Criminal Charges in Bonney Lake

Domestic Violence: A domestic violence charge in Bonney Lake is unique as prosecuting attorneys can carry on with the case even if their client drops charges. When this happens, you need an experienced Bonney Lake defense lawyer to protect your interests. Assault is a violent crime for which charges are severe. Assault charges range from 4th degree to 1st degree and can result in harsh penalties. Attorney Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. represents those accused of assault in Bonney Lake.

Traffic Violations: A traffic violation can be something as simple as reckless driving or as severe as an accusation of driving under the influence (DUI). A first time offender in Bonney Lake can face a year in prison with steep fines, as well as an increase in insurance premiums. In addition, your license may be suspended for several months. You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle upon the return of your driver’s license. A strong criminal defense attorney like Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. in Bonney Lake has experience defending charges of vehicular homicide, DUI, and reckless driving.

Felony Charges: A felony charge in Bonney Lake can include a number of events, and also holds the most potential for long term imprisonment if the charge follows through. Depending on the level of the felony charge, a defendant may face tens of thousands of dollars in fines and life imprisonment. In Bonney Lake, DUI charges become a felony after 4 or more previous DUI charges in a period of 10 years. To fight felony criminal charges, you should seek a strong criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. has defended individuals accused of felony DUI, unlawful drug possession, theft crimes, white collar crimes, and more throughout Washington.

For your future security, don’t take a chance on your criminal charge. Judges, police officers, and district attorneys respect Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. due to his past history of representing clients with dedication and personalized attention. His efforts have made a difference, and they can help turn things around for your criminal charge. For a Bonney Lake criminal defense lawyer who will protect your best interests at each turn, call Murphy’s Law Offices at (253) 312-6122 or request a free consultation by contacting the office online.

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