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Common Questions About DUI in Washington

Being charged with DUI may be a very serious legal matter, especially in Washington. The state of Washington has some of the toughest DUI penalties in the nation. Sometimes good people make mistakes and being charged with DUI should not always mean jail time, loss of driving privileges, and fines. As an experienced Washington DUI law firm, we understand the DUI process and how to best handle it. That’s why having an experienced DUI attorney by your side may be so important, we can help you understand your charges, understand your rights, identify illegal police actions such as failure to read Miranda Rights, and determine which defenses apply to your case. These are the most common DUI related questions we get:

Can You Keep Your License After DUI?

After a DUI in the state of Washington, your license may be taken from you even without an actual conviction. It doesn't matter whether or not you may later be proven not guilty in court. Essentially, it’s like a punishment without a conviction. If your Breathalyzer result indicated a blood-alcohol level of .08% or more, or if you refused the test, the police officer may send a report to the Department of Licensing who may then suspend your license.

You may be able to fight your license being taken away by mailing in a Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing request. Without an experienced Washington DUI lawyer by your side during these two hearings it may most likely be very difficult to successfully keep your license. For that reason, here at Murphy’s Law Offices, we handle both of the hearings for you. We will do everything we can to help you keep your driver’s license.

Will You Go To Jail After DUI?

Although jail time is one of the potential consequences of DUI, you may not necessarily be sentenced to it. At Murphy’s Law Offices we will fight to keep you free. We will be prepared for your court appearances including, arraignment, pre-trial, motion hearing, readiness/jury call, trial, sentencing, review and/or appeal. Our experience working as Washington DUI attorneys in King County, Tacoma, Thurston County, Federal Way, Kent, and many more locations in the area, is what makes us so well equipped to keep you out of jail.

What Defenses Can You Have to DUI?

The only way to be certain of what the best defenses to DUI are for you may be to have an experienced Washington DUI attorney review your case.

What Is the Legal Limit?

The confusion about the legal limit revolves around a change to the legal limit in Washington. Several years ago, the state of Washington lowered the legal limit to .08%. This allowed it to be easier for authorities to convict individuals of DUI. The new lower limit may make it difficult for productive everyday citizens to know when they are okay to drive or when they are breaking the law. This is where an experienced Washington DUI attorney may be able to help. By analyzing your individual situation, the lawyers at Murphy’s Law Offices can create a viable defense.

Get An Experienced Washington DUI Lawyer

In many cases, the financial, physical, and emotional tolls of being accused of DUI may be difficult to foresee. Only an experienced Tacoma, WA DUI attorney may be able to help you fight to stay free and keep your license. Contact Dan Murphy’s Law Offices today for a free consultation.

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