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Lakewood DUI Lawyer

At Murphy’s Law Offices we take every DUI case very seriously. We have been defending individuals who have been charged with DUI or DWI in the city of Lakewood, Washington, as well as throughout the rest of Pierce County for many years. When it comes to getting a DUI, it’s not as simple as something like a speeding ticket.

The punishments for DUI are actually quite severe. In fact, Lakewood, as well as all of Washington State in general, are considered some of the worst places to get charged with DUI. In the worst case scenario, you may be facing licence suspension and jail time.

A DUI is not something which will go away on its own it you ignore it. The best way to handle a DUI situation is to face it head on with a DUI attorney. This is because many of the legal options and procedures available to you have a time limit. For example, if you are charged with DUI in Lakewood, you only have a limited amount of time to file a request for a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL). This hearing gives you the opportunity to get your license back without having to wait until the end of the trial.

However, if you let the time expire without a filing for a hearing, you won’t be able to get your license back until the trial is over (assuming you are found innocent). It’s important to find an experienced Lakewood DUI attorney right after you have been charged in order to stay on top of things like these.

We have many years of experience handling DUI cases in Lakewood, WA. Attorney Daniel J. Murphy Jr. has been practicing DUI and DWI law in Lakewood and the surrounding area for a long time and knows how to defend those being charged with DUI in those areas. Daniel J. Murphy will help you understand your rights, understand the defenses available to you in court, and fight on your behalf.

If you have been charged with DUI or DWI in Lakewood, WA or any of the surrounding areas, contact us today. Daniel J. Murphy is an experienced Lakewood DUI attorney who has help many clients in your situation clear their name and get their license reinstated.

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