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Lynden DUI Lawyer

Lynden is a quiet town in Washington State that is just five miles south of the Canadian border. While so close to our northern neighbors, the town is subject to strict Washington DUI legislation. A DUI in Washington can have an enormous impact on your life. From difficulty finding a new job or even acquiring a student loan, penalties are severe. You could face a year in jail and up to $5,000 worth of fines in addition to license suspension for a full year, making it nearly impossible to continue with your regular life. All this can happen for a first offense DUI.

Penalties only worsen if you are found guilty of DUI a second or third time, or have other criminal charges on your record. DUI is a unique criminal charge with a highly complex network of laws that are best understood by an experienced Lynden DUI lawyer.

Top DUI Defense in Washington

Being arrested for DUI in Lynden can turn your life upside down. You may not even think you can defend yourself if you have submitted to DUI testing that revealed your level of intoxication. This simply isn’t true, and a strong criminal defense attorney in Lynden who specializes in DUI cases can prove to you exactly why it’s not so.

Chemical tests are faulty methods of acquiring statistics that often don’t reflect the reality of your intoxication. Several breathalyzer machines across the country experience numerous glitches and frequently release incorrect test results. An experienced Lynden DUI lawyer knows how to research every aspect of your case to construct a solid defense, one of the best being the mouth alcohol defense.

Using this defense, DUI attorneys in Lynden can reveal the inaccuracies of the breathalyzer machines used to detect the presence of alcohol in your deep lung air. Machines test deep lung air because it is the least invasive method of getting an estimate of what your blood alcohol content, or BAC is without using a blood test. This is the only air the machine you breathe into for a DUI breath test should be testing; however, that is oftentimes not the case.

Mouth alcohol is a factor that frequently disrupts DUI breath test results. It is residual alcohol that stays behind in your mouth or throat. It can also occur from regurgitation, burping, or vomiting, or it can even hide in your cavities and inside any dental work you may have done. This is a serious factor that must be investigated in any DUI case in which probable cause led to a lawful arrest.

Contact Murphy’s Law Offices for strong legal representation from attorney Daniel J. Murphy Jr., specializing in DUI, auto accidents, and criminal defense in Lynden, Washington. Call 253-312-6122 for a free consultation.

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