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Milton DUI Lawyer

Bordering Pierce and King counties, Milton, Washington has its share of DUI arrests. DUI costs the state of Washington over $5 billion dollars a year in property damage, medical expenses, lost wages and productivity. For this reason, DUI penalties are harsh. A Washington DUI is an understandably difficult time and can lead you to feel uncertain about your future. You can be facing a plethora of penalties, including steep fines and increased auto insurance rates, if you fail to seek the aid of a qualified Milton DUI lawyer.

Consequences of a Milton DUI

A standard DUI, whether it is your first, second, or third offense, is classified as a misdemeanor crime. This means that the maximum time you can spend in jail is one year. In addition, you stand to lose your driver’s license for up to one year, and a minimum of 90 days. When your license is reinstated, you will also be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) that will test your breath before each journey. You may also be required to attend DUI school, attend to community service, and more. If you refuse to submit to the chemical tests that determine your blood alcohol concentration, you automatically lose your license for a year.

A DUI in Milton can make it difficult to find or keep employment. Even if you can find or keep work, getting to and from work can be a hassle without driving privileges. A DUI also takes years to be erased from your criminal record. Washington observes a 7 year lookback period, or the time in which a previous DUI is still relevant when sentencing for your present one. If you have previous criminal offenses, DUI penalties can increase in length and severity. Regardless of your history, even your first DUI can change your future.

Benefits of Hiring a Milton Defense Attorney

You do not want to face criminal DUI charges without a Milton DUI attorney on your side. Someone who is passionate about upholding your rights and who has ample experience trying DUI cases is an extremely valuable resource. A knowledgeable and reputable attorney has several resources at his disposal to build a strong defense for your unique situation.

Your attorney should have a reputation for providing close, personalized attention throughout the legal process. An attentive attorney will prepare you thoroughly for each court appearance, educating you every step of the way about the law and your case. If this is the attorney you seek in Milton, you should consult with Murphy’s Law Offices. Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. has been practicing law for over a decade and is passionate about defending those accused of DUI. For a free legal consultation around-the-clock, call (253) 312-6122.

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