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Tacoma Marijuana Attorney

The Right Tacoma Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime, for example: possession, distribution, dispensing or manufacturing of an illegal drug (controlled substance), you need an experienced Tacoma drug lawyer to protect your rights through the criminal law process.  When your future is at stake, you need a Tacoma lawyer who specializes in drug crimes or medical marijuana issues. With my years of experience with drug crimes and understanding, I will offer you compassionate, caring and aggressive criminal defense.

Tacoma Marijuana Attorney

Marijuana/Pot/Cannabis Drug DUI Arrest?

*New Laws*: 5ng THC Level for DUI

Law Enforcement Officers are issuing more and more DUI Drug Charges on the basis of smelling Marijuana/Pot/Cannabis/Drug odors during vehicle stops, especially with the the Initiative 502 passage.  They are looking for evidence to convict you from their initial contact with you. Even if you have a card for Medical Marijuana (Cannabis), you can still get a DUI in the state of Washington.


Stopped & Questioned by Police?

When the Police officer approaches your car to make contact with you, they ask you a number questions about smoking pot, when the last time was you smoked, how much smoked, where’s the weed, where’s the paraphernalia, etc.  All the while the Officer is studying your eyes, face, clothes, reactions, language, tone, presence, and general disposition when questioning you on the side of the road. Before giving out too much information, call your local Tacoma & Federal Way Marijuana rights attorney, Daniel Murphy.


Field Sobriety Tests / Coordination Tests

Typically, the Officer will tell you exit the car to have you do their Field Sobriety Tests (known as FST’s).  These FST’s are more designed and intended for alcohol DUI stops, many officers still do the FST’s on you anyway either because they do not know other Marijuana/Pot/Cannabis/Drug FST’s and/or to check for alcohol consumption too.  There are Drug Recognition Officers that know the different drug test and will perform coordination tests, balance tests, measure heart rates, etc.  The evidence the Officer is trying to gather is your impairment; impairment of the drug on your ability to drive.  Impairment is different for each person depending upon a number of personal factors including their body type, sex, age, weight, chemistry, frequency of usage, their tolerance, physical state, mental state, injuries, diseases, sickness, etc.  Not everyone reacts the same to smoking pot, so it is important to review each person separately as opposed to a general rule, which is what the new Marijuana and DUI laws are trying to establish.


Portable Breath Test

Sometimes the Officer has you perform a Portable Breath Test (known as PBT) to check for alcohol consumption too. The PBT is not very reliable test of actual alcohol in your system, but is used by the Police to Arrest you for DUI.


Blood Tests at Hospital

With the Change in the Cannabis and DUI Laws in December 2012, Officers are running people into the hospitals for blood draws as the Breath Tests (known as BAC) do not measure THC levels.  At the Hospital the nurse will be instructed by the police to perform at least two (2) blood draws for two (2) vials of blood for testing.  The Officer knows that he only needs to obtain a reading of 5ng or higher to make the new law presumptive unlawful THC level for the DUI.  Nevertheless, other lower levels may still be charged by the state or city prosecuting attorney with DUI, Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving.


 Marijuana (Cannabis) DUI:

How High Is Too High?  [Video]

Whether you are a “green card” holder for medical marijuana prescription or a social user of cannabis, it is critical you protect yourself when charged with a Marijuana/Pot/Cannabis/Drug DUI.  Marijuana/Pot/Cannabis/Drug DUI’s carry severe penalties of up to 364 days in jail, up to a $5,000.00 fine and driver’s license suspensions or revocations plus drug abuse evaluations and follow-up treatment that can cost thousands of dollars and many hours of time in treatment sessions and AA meetings.

Call experienced Lawyer Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. to fight to protect your rights.

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