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Should You Hire a Washington DUI Lawyer?

Taking the Right Steps

After being charged with a driving under the influence offense, it may be important to take the right steps to maintain your license and driving privileges. To help fight the consequences of a DUI, you may want to obtain the right legal help to dispute the charge successfully, which may require hiring a good Tocoma DUI lawyer or Washington DUI lawyer.

If you have never before received a DUI charge, you may be wondering if hiring a DUI attorney in Washington is actually necessary. Due to the increasing regulation and stringent DUI laws that have surfaced in Washington in recent years, a plea bargain for a DUI offense in Washington is less likely than with other criminal charges. These new laws are causing DUI’s and DWI’s to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Due to this, the first step in preventing the loss of your driving privileges following a DUI arrest may be to hire a qualified and experienced Washington DUI attorney who is familiar with DUI arrest cases and trials.

How An Experienced Washington DUI Lawyer May Help

A DUI attorney may be able to assist you with a variety of defenses and effective cross-examination of police witnesses, which may be an important step in the overall success of a DUI charge offense. The right DUI attorney is skilled in proper cross-examination techniques, and will know which questions to ask, as well as which questions not to ask when arguing for your case. An inexperienced attorney may jeopardize the success of recovering your driving privileges should he or she improperly present your case to the court. For this reason, it may be important to choose a professional, qualified Washington DUI attorney with years of experience handling DUI charge offenses.

After a DUI arrest, it may be recommended that you seek a local DUI lawyer within the area where you will be resolving your DUI offense. Here at Murphy’s Law Offices, we have handled cases of DUI in Washington for many years and have the proper experience and information to assist in your DUI charge. We will carefully review the details of your arrest and contact you with the best options for resolving your specific DUI case. To set up a free consultation, call Murphy’s Law Offices today at (253) 312-6122.

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