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Tacoma Drug Forfeiture Attorney

Tacoma Drug Forfeiture Attorney

Just like number of states in America, Washington State too upholds strict laws and procedures in case an individual is charged with possession of drugs and other like substances. The police can go up to seize one’s property and assets in case such property is involved in any kind of criminal activity including sale, purchase and dealing of drugs. Several sections of the drug abuse law give complete freedom to the police to confiscate an individual’s entire property including car, house and money even before the allegations are proved to be true. This entire process of confiscation is known as asset forfeiture or drug forfeiture, the law relating to which is quite complicated to understand and comprehend.

The reason why we are referring to this section as a complicated and tricky one is because it has a number of time restraints including issues regarding right timing of notices, hearings, documentation and presentation of the same in front of the Judge. Thus, if you or any of your loved one gets trapped in this vicious circle of asset and drug forfeiture in Washington or Tacoma, you immediately need to consult an experienced and knowledgeable Tacoma drug forfeiture attorney who is conversant with all rules and regulations of this act applicable in the concerned state.

Before getting on to the task of making free your confiscated property, the concerned attorney would go on to discuss the area of jurisdiction and the sections of drug forfeiture law applicable to your case. There are mainly two types of asset forfeiture that can take place in Tacoma, the first one being criminal asset forfeiture and second being civil asset forfeiture. In a criminal asset forfeiture case, the police can seize your property and assets as soon as it establishes your involvement in a case of drug dealing or selling and can go on to seize your property including money, assets and house. However, in the civil asset forfeiture, a direct connection must be established between one’s property and drug dealing in order to issue seizure notice for the assets.

The situation involving forfeiture of one’s assets could arise at the initial investigation stage where even the charges against the alleged party have not been established. So, there isn’t an iota of doubt that the laws and rules relating to drug and asset forfeiture in the state of Tacoma are quite harsh and can easily rob even an innocent individual off his entire property and money. The most ideal thing to do when one gets involved in such kinds of cases is to appoint a professional who is capable of handling such cases with much ease and patience just like Tacoma Drug Forfeiture Attorney. An experienced attorney in this field would surely move heavens and earths to bring back your seized property in your own two hands and would represent you with the best of his capabilities in front of public prosecutors and lawyers standing against you.

So, don’t just sit back and whine about your money tainted by drugs or asset forfeiture, get yourself an experienced attorney and get back your solace and hard earned property instantly. 

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