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Top Washington DUI Defenses

Charges for DUI in Washington can affect your life even before a conviction occurs. If you’re actively looking for employment, an arrest for DUI can show up on a background check, limiting your chances of getting hired. In addition, your car insurance rates can skyrocket without an actual conviction taking place. If you have recently been arrested on DUI/ DWI charges, now is the time to find an experienced attorney who can challenge the charges with the top defenses available in the state. An experienced DUI attorney in Washington knows these like the back of his hand.

Rising BAC Defense

Alcohol takes a long time to be fully absorbed into the body. For the average person, it can take 30-90 minutes after a drink is consumed to reach peak blood alcohol concentration. This means that a driver who takes a BAC test can show a high BAC that was not equal to the driver’s BAC at the time of driving. The time that passes between when you drink and take the test can be enough to provide a false reading of your true BAC behind the wheel.

Say you were at a 0.05% concentration when you were driving, but then more time passed and more alcohol was absorbed, pushing you to register above 0.08% when the test is taken. This means that when you were driving, you were legal to drive and therefore the results of the test are misleading and should not be considered.

Improper Stop Defense

The legality of a stop can also be challenged when creating a strong DUI defense. Police officers cannot stop drivers without a good reason. Usually, drivers are stopped for traffic infractions, and when it comes to criminal activity, officers must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over. Most of the time a driver is arrested for DUI, he or she has committed a traffic violation such as speeding, swerving, following another car too closely, failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light, making an illegal turn, driving in the wrong direction or driving in the shoulder as if it were a lane.

If a driver was illegally stopped, the stop itself can be challenged and any evidence collected during the investigation is unable to be used in court. This means that the state cannot make a strong case, leading to the probability of dropped charges.

Challenging the BAC Results

Before a driver submits to any kind of chemical testing, officers submit drivers to field sobriety tests to get an idea of their level of impairment. If a driver shows signs of impairment he is prompted to test on a breathalyzer. The breathalzyer itself can have many flaws that lead to false high positive results.

When you need strong DUI defense in Washington, Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. of Murphy’s Law Offices is determined to protect your rights and defend your case. Providing personalized attention, he has two convenient offices in King and Pierce County Washington to address your needs. Call 253-312-6122 for a free consultation at any time.

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