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Edgewood Criminal Defense Lawyer

When criminal charges follow through unchallenged they can impact the most important areas of your life. To find the best legal defense in order to protect your future, you need someone who can analyze the details of your case and has a keen understanding of Washington law. When a case is not handled correctly, it may end with severe consequences, including added penalties due to mishandled information. Don’t dig yourself into a hole of longer jail times and raised fines; work with an experience Edgewood criminal defense lawyer who will fight for the best outcome possible.

DUI Charges in Edgewood

When you are arrested for your first DUI, you could see your insurance premium costs raise, as well as ordered to stay in prison for up to a year. Your license can also be revoked for several months even if you avoid fines or jail time. Restrictions can apply to your driving freedoms in the form of an ignition interlock device, which can be thought of as a breathalyzer built into your vehicle. Before starting your car, you would be forced to breathe into the device, and if the device believes your blood alcohol level is too high, you will not be able to drive.

Misdemeanor Charges in Edgewood

Misdemeanors have several levels of severity in Washington, but can be condensed into two principal categories: gross misdemeanors and regular misdemeanors. Regular misdemeanors in Edgewood can include 90 days of jail time or fines up to $1000. A gross misdemeanor has increased penalties, with maximum fines raised up to $5000 and at least one year of minimum jail time. Misdemeanors show up in background checks for future employment opportunities, and can include several crimes such as:

  • Reckless Driving
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Harassment

Depending on your history, a misdemeanor can also turn into a felony.

Felony Charges in Edgewood

Felonies often result in the steepest consequences. Edgewood felonies fall into one of three categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C. This order is from most to least severe, meaning Class A felonies can lead to prison sentence that last for a lifetime, or court ordered fines up to tens of thousands of dollars. Individual in Edgewood who are accused of white collars crimes, unlawful drug possession, felony DUI, and theft crime can find legal counsel through defense lawyer Daniel J. Murphy.

Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. is an Edgewood criminal defense attorney who has made a difference for his clients thanks to his dedicated work. His results have earned him the respect of district attorneys, police officers, and judges in Edgewood and throughout Washington. Know your rights, contact Daniel J. Murphy at Murphy’s Law Office and start building your defense with a free consultation.

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