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Tumwater City DUI Attorney

DUI offenses can have serious consequences. Not only does a DUI conviction carry criminal penalties such as fines and jail, but it also impacts your driving record and sometimes your employment. Because of this, it is important to have a DUI lawyer review your case and identify any potential defenses. Drivers who have been charged with a DUI offense in Tumwater City should contact a DUI attorney for legal advice. 

DUI cases often involve various evidentiary tests, including field sobriety tests, breathalyzers, blood draws, urine samples and others. These tests have very specific procedures that must be followed by law enforcement. An experienced DUI lawyer will be familiar with all of the procedural requirements of DUI investigations. In some cases, a DUI lawyer can identify areas where the police failed to follow proper procedures or otherwise violated your constitutional rights. In other scenarios, a DUI lawyer can require evidence obtained as a result of faulty procedures to be excluded from consideration.

In DUI investigations, the police must have reasonable suspicion of a law violation to make a traffic stop and to carry out a DUI investigation. If the police lacked the proper justification for the traffic stop, then the case may be dismissed. Also, in otherwise lawful traffic stops, the police may lack any reasonable suspicion that you were intoxicated. If the police lacked reasonable suspicion of intoxication, then they cannot complete field sobriety tests. 

A DUI lawyer will be familiar with the mistakes commonly made by law enforcement. A DUI lawyer will know how to raise these issues with the court and can argue to exclude evidence or have your charges dismissed. Raising these issues requires compliance with court procedures and rules of evidence. Many individuals who try to represent themselves are unfamiliar with legal procedures. A DUI lawyer will ensure that your defense is properly raised, so that you avoid issues with technicalities. 

If your case does not have any defenses, a DUI lawyer can help negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf. They will ensure that the court is aware of your circumstances and will strive to arrange a fair sentence. 

Some DUI cases proceed to trial. A DUI lawyer can represent you at trial and advocate on your behalf. They can call and cross examine witnesses on your behalf and argue why you should be found not guilty. 

If you are facing a DUI charge, contact a Tumwater City DUI attorney for advice and legal representation. 

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